This is our [editor / web producer / writer]. She helps us…

connect with our readers and the world
create engaging content that our readers like/need
strengthen our brand
find our personality and voice
seamlessly blend writing and media
use content to deliver business goals

I’ve been steadily adding stuff to the internet for a long time: articles, videos, databases, and even entire websites. It’s earned me a lot of lofty titles, from Managing Editor to Marketing & Communications Director to Digital Media Manager. But what does any of that mean? Simply put, I’m more than a wordsmith and a glorified spell check. I want to help your brand do all things I listed above (and more).

I was primed and bred at Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism, and right now I’m helping lead the editorial strategy, web experience, and member communications at AIGA, the world’s oldest and largest design association. See what I’m up to on (and for true design fans, sign up for the newsletter), AIGA’s celebrated Eye on Design blog, or find me on LinkedIn.

Header image by Helena Hertz