Details was Condé Nast’s fashion and lifestyle magazine for men, specifically targeted toward a wealthy and sartorially-inclined readership. As part of a small web team in a huge corporation, I wore many hats to help create top-performing, web-optimized content. After all, fashion stops for no one.

Sadly there are no clips left online after Details was absorbed into GQ. But feel free to ask me about my most memorable projects—they’re all archived in my brain.

As a web producer, I…

  • Launched the weekly “Top 5 Stories” column and weekly menswear trend slideshow to repackage existing content in innovative ways
  • Activated social media to successfully increase viewership with a new Twitter management strategy, marked by a more robust scheduling and engagement tactic, as well as managing the Pinterest, Google+, and Tumblr feeds
  • Trained the editorial team in CMS, SEO, and other web practices to help them truly embody a digital-oriented approach to content
  • Coordinated with editors for email marketing and editorial strategy as I wrote, built, and deployed the biweekly newsletter (Wednesday and Saturday)
  • Optimized feature fashion photography for digital use and led image research using and maintaining partnerships with Getty Images, Corbis Images, and Montrose