Myeloma Beacon

At Myeloma Beacon—a new blog reporting on the latest updates in research, management, and treatment of a rare form of cancer—I shaped the blog’s voice to achieve its goal of becoming a gateway educational platform for anyone seeking knowledge about multiple myeloma. The new style provided readers with vital information in an approachable, conversational way.

As Editing and Writing Intern, I wrote…

Additionally, I…

  • Spearheaded the creation and implementation of a weekly series called “Personal Perspective,” featuring prominent bloggers from the multiple myeloma community—thus introduced these influencers to a new resource, and providing a human aspect to the clinical content
  • Developed and managed social media accounts to further a sense of community and facilitate conversations among bloggers, patients, doctors and researchers, and other well-established myeloma foundations
  • Expanded the directory of multiple myeloma foundations and societies