Two Bright Lights

I began at the start-up network Two Bright Lights as an Editorial Intern, contributing to its growing photography blog Done Brilliantly. I was then promoted to a full-time position where I expanded my marketing skills and designed an editorial infrastructure to better connect photographers with hundreds of A-list bridal and photography publications.

As Marketing and Communications Editor, I wrote…

Additionally, I…

  • Headed tactical ideation for enlisting high-profile editorial partners for Two Bright Lights, fostering these relationships with outreach, market research, and seamless editorial on-boarding
  • Led editorial strategy, production, as well as manage a team of writers, for the inspirational photography blog Done Brilliantly
  • Optimized all content (including blog posts, photo composites) in real-time for maximum search engine optimization
  • Designed and spearheaded social media strategy for two-prong approach of engagement with readers and publications, and exposure for photographers using the platform